#0: Technocracy and its Discontents (Season Preview)

The Obama years were the closest thing we’ve had to technocracy. The President and his administration celebrated science and expertise, and they gave enormous regulatory powers to ‘the smartest people.’ During these years, the prevailing posture — culturally, politically, and within academia — suggested that the public was dim-witted and irrational, but well-meaning experts could fix things. As you know, that didn’t didn’t last. With Trump and Brexit came post-truth and a revolt against scientific and scholarly expertise.

How do we get out of this mess? Is the choice merely between centrist technocrats and reactionary post-truthers, or is there another way? This season, we investigate. Our stories will ask some simple questions: what is an expert, who do they work for, and can they be trusted? Episodes start April 15th, 2020, and they air weekly.

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