Exiled: A Year in New York’s Infamous ‘Sex Offender Motel’ (Rebroadcast)

Growing up, Chris Dum has a morbid fascination with ‘deviant behavior.’ It led him down an unusual career path: he decided to study most reviled people in our society. Sex offenders. But it wasn’t enough to study them from a distance. No, abstract crime statistics or rigorously controlled laboratory experiments would not suffice. Rather, Chris wanted to know what their lives were actually like. So as a PhD student, he decided to actually live with them. He moved from his home near the university to a run-down motel on the rough part of town. Over the next year, he learned a thing or two about sex offenders, but he learned more about all us. He learned that the process of reintegrating sex offenders into soceity is a total mess, and it isn’t helping anyone. 

This episode originally aired in November 2016. Our newest episode of this season comes out Wednesday, May 6th. It’s called “the Pavillion,” and you can listen to a trailer on our website.

This piece was produced by Gordon Katic and edited by Sam Fenn, as well as Alison Cooke of the CBC. Further support from Alex Kim. Research advising from University of Washington Sociologist Katherine Beckett. 

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